K. Bazaios 100 Herbs - 2000 Remedies Book (Greek Edition)

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"An attractive exploratory tour to the magical world of Nature's pharmacy"

In this book the author has gathered information for the 100 most valuable for the human health herbs and plants. In its pages you will find detailed information for herbs; their background information, where to look for them, how you can recognize them, when and how to harvest, how to dry and store them. But the most important knowledge is the exact indication/benefits of each herb for the illness it soothes. Furthermore, the reader will learn how to make a herb beverage or a natural compress, and possible side-effects in case herbs are misused. It is a pleasant reading book,  and with the useful index of illnesses, it is easy to go back to and find a remedy, if needed. 


Make sure you have some of the most widely used herbs such as chamomile, tilio, sage and rosemary


This book was first published in 1982 under the title "100 Herbs, 1000 remedies", and re-published in several copies for more than a decade. In 2003 the author rewrote the book with additional and improved information. It is no wonder that this book has 42 editions so far, and is a library treasure for Greek families. 


Kosta Bazaios is a nutritionist with studies in the US and member-for-life of the "American Association of Nutritional Consultants". He was a columnist for the Greek Newspaper "Eleftherotypia" for 20 years, for years he hosted a show for nutrition in the Greek TV, he was the founder & editor-in-chief of a nutrition magazine for 7 years, and is the writer of 20 best-seller books. 


Product Features

  • The book is in Greek
  • Hard cover
  • Lustrous pages 
  • Color pictures of herbs
  • Great gift idea 
  • Printed in Greece

Product Cautions and Directions

  • The book is in Greek
  • Remedies are for humans only
  • Effectiveness varies per individual  


Disclaimer: Remedies from herbs described in this book, aid the human body to restore/keep/improve its normal functions; they act like comfort treatments. They cannot cure, make skinny, avoid cancer/affect cancer progress, or cure any other malignant disease, and they do not substitute important medication. Herbs might also counteract prescription medicines, or their combination might have possible side-effects. This book does not replace medical advice, please consult your doctor.  

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