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Salepi, (also known as salep, sahlep or sahlab) is a flour made from the dried tubers of the orchid genus "Orchis", cultivated in the  mountains of the Balkan Peninsula and in the Middle East. These tubers contain a nutritious,  aromatic, and starchy poly-saccharide, with properties that relieve sore throats, and ease stomach pain. The warm preparation of salepi can fight asthma symptoms and may be used as a calming beverage before sleep, especially in the winter, as it doesn't contain caffeine or theine (the stimulant substance found in tea). In the ancient times, aphrodisiac qualities were also attributed to the Salepi, and it was called "Satyrion" (from the ancient Greek word Satyros), the Satir. Salepi is usually consumed as a beverage, or can be used for the preparation of desserts, and especially the "Kaimaki" ice cream, a popular ice cream flavor in Greece and the Middle East. 




Company E.D. Nikolakis specializes in the production of Salepi since 1994, and they operate under ISO:22000:2005. Their salepi is made with the same recipe that people love all these years, and using only the best salepi varieties, selected aromatic herbs and organic sugar, in order to produce a beverage without preservatives, with the full nutritional and beneficial qualities of the salepi. 


Product Features

  • Long expiration date (>3 years)
  • Box contains 10 bags of 12g Salepi in powder
  • Organic sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Product of Greece

Product Cautions and Directions

  • Add 1 bag to 100 ml of water and stir. Boil until it rises and the beverage is ready.  
  • Store in a cool and dry place


  • Organic sugar, corn starch, farmed "salepi" 4%, cinnamon 1.2%, vanillin, cloves 

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