My Big Fat Greek Kitchen

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen

Published by Joanna Mastoras - Marketing Director on 29th Sep 2016

Are you Greek? Do you know someone who is Greek? Do you love Greek food? If you answered yes to any of these questions then great news-you’re in the right place! Here at Titan Foods we don’t just like Greek food, we LOVE Greek food! How can we not? Our Greek heritage and upbringing in a mostly Greek kitchen has exposed us to some of the best flavors the Greek cuisine has to offer. Do you know that feeling when you walk into a kitchen, your own, your mom’s or gia gia’s, and you instantly get a whiff of those delicious “patates sto fourno” (lemon potatoes) or pastitsio (Greek lasagna) in the oven? We all remember that feeling. That feeling made for some of our best memories growing up in a Greek household. The kitchen is a sacred place, for cherished memories and great food. If you love food as we do, then you are going to love this blog! We are going to feature some of the best Greek food you have either seen, tasted or heard about. If you were ever interested in reading and discovering more about traditional Greek food, this is your chance! You will quickly learn that we love everything from the infamous “feta cheese” to “Greek extra virgin olive oil” to traditional Greek pastries like “kourabiedes”, “melomakarona” and “tsoureki”. If you want to learn more about them, we’re here for you! As we said, we love Greek food, almost as much as we love you for shopping with us and showing us love back! Let’s start off with one of our favorite foods ever, “tiropita” or “cheese pie”. In case you didn’t know, tiropita is awesome. This delicious pie baked with filo dough and feta cheese is one of the best things ever invented. The filo dough can either be thin or thick depending on who makes it. The thicker filo dough is often known as the “country style”. Did you know that you can buy the filo and feta cheese separately at Titan Foods to prepare your own tiropita at home or buy one of our ready-made and freshly-baked tiropites in-store? We make them every morning on the premises so they can be fresh and delicious! We know your taste buds. We know they love feta and they love cheese pies made with feta. Like we said, don’t worry-we’re here for you! Have you tried a tiropita yet? If not, has this made you curious? We urge you to come try one of ours because they’re kind of a BIG DEAL. We don’t want to over exaggerate but one bite just might change your life! We are opening up the doors of our Greek kitchen and encouraging you to come inside and take a peak. Let us know, is it how you remember your gia gia making it? We know ours would most certainly approve! Shop now at our Astoria location or on our official website for all your favorite Greek products. We guarantee, you will fall in love! If there was ever such a thing as feta cheese lovers’ dream, this would most definitely be it. Ready, set, go!

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